Alphatronics, Inc.


George on Linotronic hot lead typesetter
Here is George Slifka (Composing Room, Chicago) operating a Linotype hot lead machine.
Linotype keyboard
How would you like to use this keyboard? The keys are arranged so that both hands are equally busy. The left hand only used the first column and the top 2 keys of the second column, top to bottom (e-t-a-o-i-n-s-h). The right hand took care of the rest (punctuation, numbers, and caps). The first row, and s,h are the most used letters in the English language. The keys were aligned by their usage. Black for lower case, blue for punctuation and numbers, and white for caps.
Picture of an ECRM Mako 56
This is an ECRM Mako 56 with a Harlequin RIP. It uses roll feed capstan technology where the film moves as it is imaged through an imaging slot. To the left is a Linotype L300 imagesetter, also a capstan device.
Signasetter Pro
This is the transport of a Signesetter Pro 8-up Drum Imagesetter. The film (red) is locked into place while the imaging head moves through the center of the drum, exposing the film.
Another example of a capstan imagesetter is the UltreSetter. It uses an infra-red laser diode and a Penta mirror. The Penta helps reduce scan line deviation because it can be tilted slightly and still reflect at 90 degrees, which compensates for any motor runout.