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Professional AVL/GPS Vehicle Tracking with
Alphatronics Mobile Monitor
Version 4.0
Now there's no reason not to have an AVL solution. Mobile Monitor provides a low cost alternative to products costing tens of thousands of dollars, for only a fraction of the price.
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Screen shot of the Mobile Monitor Map
Features and Benefits
Target Audience
System Requirements
Server Component
Pentium 4, 1.8 GHz or greater; 4 Mb RAM per connected client; 10 Mb Hard Disk per connected Client plus 64Kb per Square Nautical mile of map graphics; Ethernet network card; SVGA Graphics card
Operating System
Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 with Internet Information Server Version 6 or 7 installed
Internet Connection
A minimum of 56KB per second transfer rate per connected client; Static IP Address
Map Data
Map data in ESRI Shape format. Other formats upon request.
Optional Components
Microsoft Certificate Server software installed to the specified Windows operating system; SSL Certificate; A domain name that is assigned to the static IP Address.
Client Component
Pentium II 300Mhz or greater; 64 Mb RAM; 10Gb Hard drive; SVGA Graphics Adapter configured for at least 800x600 with 16K colors; TCP/IP compatible network interface
Operating System
Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista,  2008 with Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.0, Safari 3.1 or higher installed, JavaScript and Cookie enabled. 
Internet Connection
TCP/IP enabled network Connection with at least 56KB per second transfer speed
Additional Hardware
A NMEA Compatible GPS Receiver unit with either a serial port connection, or other interface such as USB with serial port emulation software (Requires GPS Monitor software. See below) OR GPS Modem capable of sending TAIP or NMEA data via UDP or TCP protocol (Requires AVL Receiver Service software. See below)
More Information
Download the User Manual
GPS Receivers
There are several brands of GPS receivers that can be plugged into the serial port or USB port of a computer.  GPS receivers must supply NMEA data via serial port or serial port emulation. 
GPS Monitor
GPS Monitor provides the functionality of monitoring a GPS receiver attached to an in-vehicle laptop or tablet and sending coordinate data to the Mobile Monitor server. GPS Monitor runs as a service on Windows NT based computers, and a system tray utility on Windows 9x computers. GPS Monitor is delivered free of charge for Mobile Monitor users that require it. Mobile Monitor detects if the GPS receiver has failed or been unplugged, and reports it on the Mobile Monitor Map screen. The automatic update feature enables mass updating of vehicles without revisiting each computer. Requires Microsoft Windows and a wireless internet connection. 
GPS Modems
Mobile Monitor supports several varieties of GPS modems.  GPS modems are modems that use a cellular phone carrier to communicate wirelessly, with an onboard GPS receiver. Generally, the GPS receiver and wireless communication antennas require mounting outside the vehicle. GPS modems can be programmed to send coordinate data to an IP address at regular intervals. Most GPS modems are capable of sending TAIP or NMEA formatted data via TCP or UDP protocol. 
AVL Receiver Service
The AVL Receiver Service runs on either the Mobile Monitor Server, or another server, and converts the data received from GPS modems to a format that Mobile Monitor accepts. AVL Receiver Service is delivered free of charge for customers that require it. Requires Microsoft Windows 5.0 or higher. 
Map Data
Map data comes in several formats, the most notable is ESRI Shape format (*.shp). The US Census bureau supplies free map data available for download. Although it is not the most accurate data, for most users on a budget it may be sufficient. Premium map data can be licensed from various vendors such as TeleAtlas, Navteq, and others, which will provide updates at regular intervals. The geocoder and reverse geocoder require shape data from Teleatlas, Navteq, or the US Census bureau. 
AVL Web Connector
The AVL Web Connector component is an OLE interface that allows posting of events and vehicle position data to the Mobile Monitor server. This allows the user to collect data from a different data source and post it to the Mobile Monitor system. AVL Web Connector provides an interface to the Mobile Monitor geocoder, enabling the user application to convert addresses to coordinates on the fly. Requires Microsoft Windows. 
Mobile Monitor is extensively documented. Contact us for additional details.
Resellers and system integrators welcome.
Single Server with 100 Client Licenses
$3,500.00 USD
Single Server with 200 Client Licenses
$4,500.00 USD
Single Server with 500 Client Licenses
$9,500.00 USD
Prices are subject to change without notice. All sales are final.